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Stels Guepard 850

Posted by GO4RIDE d.o.o. on 2nd Jan 2021

Stels Guepard 850


One of the main goals of "VELOMOTORS" was to create own ATV, which could compete with the top vehicles from the world’s leading Brands.The new STELS flagship ATV850 is the most powerful and technologically advanced Russian ATV. "VELOMOTORS" engineers created ATV: powerful, reliable and, what is the most important at reasonable price. This is the first ATV of "VELOMOTORS" where there is no made-in-China parts. For building of this vehicle we used the components from leading Japanese, Taiwanese and Russian manufacturers , as well as parts and assembly units of our own production.


New STELS ATV 850 became the first ATV, which exterior was developed by designers of "VELOMOTORS" in Izhevsk city. R&D engineers have created incomparable style. The new and aggressive look will certainly be recognizable and attract attention among the numbers of other ATVs. STELS ATV 850 GUEPARD – is a new wave in a Russian ATV manifacturing. All plastic parts are made at “MOTOVELOZAVOD” production lines in Zhukovka. Totally new plastic materials formula is used in STELS ATV 850 plastic parts, which provides perfect combination of flexibility and strength.



Frame for ATV 850 is produced at MOTOVELOZAVOD on fully automatic robotic line. The strength and reliability of the frame and suspension is ensured not only by quality of manufacturing, but also by exact design calculations, which were proved under hard tests. The suspension is formed from extra-strong A-arms and forged steering knuckles. We use precision and durable bearings from the world famous Japanese manufacturer Kozo in the hubs. Taiwanese shock absorbers provide extremely soft riding and impressive stroke of 225 mm in front and 243 mm in the back.



Stels ATVs 850 engine is the most powerful and technologically advanced motor in the company’s entire range. 4-stroke V-twin with the combustion chamber volume of 850 cm3 provides 67 hp or 73 Nm of power. For such a powerful and "superfast" motors we designed CVT and transmission, which can resist a huge loading. Another modification of this engine is also used on a modified snowmobile STELS S850 "Wolverine". The most parts of engine and transmission in the near future will be produced at the MOTOVELOZAVOD Zhukovka city that will favorably effect the final cost of the ATV. High-torque, economical and flexible petrol engine: Smooth operation for maximum pleasant driving; Controlled power for perfect balance of performance and fuel consumption; Pleasant sound of the engine; The significant torque from the very beginning of a wide operating range.


The brake system used on the ATV 850, it isn’t the typical for ATVs. We used four disc brakes one for each wheel. This scheme completely removes the load from the gearbox during braking, thereby increasing its reliability and durability.


ATV 850 is equipped by the wire harness with water proof connectors. The dashboard is made in collaboration with world famous KOSO company. It displays all necessary indicators of the engine, transmission and other parameters. We also used secure and reliable control switches on the handlebars from D and GT ATV series. LED headlamps are waterproof sealed with an aluminum body and diaphragm valve, which allows to resist water pressure in a depth of 50 m. LED turn indicators on the soft mount preserve their integrity at any maneuvers.